Youth Outreach - 2019
The Martin's Farm, Sarjapur

On the 21st of June 2019, the youth of the KGA along with students of the Sunbird trust had visited The Martin's Farm, Sarjapur. The Sunbird Trust, established in the year 2014, is a non-religious, apolitical non-profit organization that reaches out to underprivileged communities especially in the northern part of India.

We all met at Catholic club and introduced ourselves to each other. Right from the very first time we met the Sunbird students, we were greeted with warm and welcoming smiles. We set out to the farm, singing a number of tunes together that got all of the youth excited and hopeful for a fun experience ahead.

On reaching the Farm, we had had a few activities wherein the group was divided into teams and came up with their own quirky team names representing what they stand for. Some groups got quite creative and called themselves "potato chips" and "Gothilla Gang". The activities evoked a sense of camaraderie and togetherness between the KGA youth and the sunbird students.

Throughout the day we had multiple sing-along sessions and activities that kept the youth engaged and interactive. One such activity required each of the groups to create their own theme-song based on the names of their groups. The talent and team work with which both the KGA and Sunbird youth showed while creating their beautiful music, was nothing short of spectacular.

We had a farm-tour that included animal feeding, and also learnt various techniques of green living. After a delicious lunch that was cooked with farm grown produce, what made the trip even more special for all of us was the music performance that the Sunbird students put up for the KGA youth.

The highlight of the day was the pottery session wherein each of us got a chance at the potter's wheel and made our own mini pots as takeaways.

The outreach program instilled in the KGA youth, a sense of humility and kindness, with not only new friendships formed but memories to treasure for a lifetime.

- Romario d'Monte & Tanya Rosario