Pajama Party
5th August 2023

Nina Goes

The youth and the teen subcommittees jointly organised a Pajama Party, which took place on the 5th of August. The dress code was obviously pajamas, and we filled the Catholic Club skylounge with rugs, blankets, pillows, and other such items. We did everything in our power to induce a slumber party-sequel atmosphere, which included having a fort building competition, a makeover contest, lip sync battles, and more. Our wonderful emcees, Narita Chengappa and Cyrus D'Lima, kept the energy high with their warm but energetic commentary. Despite having a small group of attendees, everyone got along really well and we managed to make the most out of this party. We are extremely grateful to the KGA for providing us with the opportunity to have such an event, and we hope to be able to have more teen and youth centric events in the near future.