Think Goa Live Goa
10th September 2023

Adele Britto

The KGA Managing Committee pulled out all stops for a truly novel Goan extravaganza at the Think Goa Live Goa Event on the 10th Sept 2023, at the Catholic Club. The Goan vibe was exhilarating as we stepped into the Club, with XaniCroy on stage entertaining the crowd with fabulous music. TGLG had 2 Bands in attendance, with XaniCroy kicking off the first session. Suffice it to say, that Croydon D'Souza and Xanisha Fernandes, kept the crowd on the floor wanting more of the Konkani repertoire of songs, their fantastic stage presence and their awesome voices which has made them favorites in Goa and elsewhere, as well as Internationally. It set the stage for TGLG.

When the 2nd band, UZO came on, we were already prepped and in the mood. The Band from Panjim took us on a musical roller coaster, belting out all our favourite Konkani and English songs. They wound up the night with a few Bollywood tracks, making them the versatile and talented group that is making waves in the music circle. Their explosive, high energy on stage was truly a delight.

Any KGA Event always comes with a lot of preparation, hardwork and commitment behind the scenes. What was undoubtedly the piece de resistance of the Event, was the Fashion Show put together by the KGA Managing Committee which highlighted the two Goan traditional pieces of clothing, the 9-yard silk saree and the kunbi kapod.

The KGA is in its Golden Jubilee year and over the last 5 decades, the kunbi dance has been performed at different events. However, at the TGLG 2023, we discovered that it was much more than just a traditional dance performed in Goa by the Kunbi tribal community, wearing the signature kunbi saree dyed in red and black checks, that in fact, the kunbi saree is the cultural pride of Goa, an indigenous handloom, the dye for which is a compound mixture of iron ore, rice kanji and vinegar found in abundance in Goa! Likewise, the men folk wore handwoven kaxtis in the trademark colours of red and white.

The first sequence depicted the 9 yards Silk saree called the Nauvari, draped in the signature trouser style and worn primarily by the Hindu Goans at Festival times was captivating as the 13 models cat walked their way on to the stage. What followed was the Kunbi Kapod draped on models in the next 3 sequences, which can only be described as creativity at its finest! It was evident, that much research and effort was put in to depict the kunbi kapod in all its splendor from its traditional rustic avatar to the fashionable and futuristic garments that the models carried off with aplomb! It was heartwarming to see the mums/dads with their little sons/daughters wearing different designs and yet synchronizing effortlessly. The Showstopper dressed in a Wendell Rodrigues white kunbi saree looked like a model on any Vogue runway! What makes us proud is that this kunbi saree, though simple and minimalistic in design has celebrities draping themselves with these exclusive designer sarees.

The young and not-so-young sashaying down the ramp to the eternal Konkani favorites with panache and almost professional like models was a telling story of the creativity and efforts put in to ensure that this Fashion Show of the kunbi kapod and the 9 yard silk saree was a truly memorable experience.

The collection from 'Shebang', designed by Goa's top designer Verma D'Mello for the NGO Sudharop, was designer wear in all its authenticity using every element of the kunbi kapod. Truly mesmerizing!

It would be remiss of me, if I do not mention the person behind this fabulous event. Elaine D'Souza who conceptualized the entire show and Gilmour Fernandes who choreographed the show wonderfully, making our members some of who, had never walked a ramp look like professional models!

Congratulations to the creative team of Elaine, Aiona, Daphne, Eslinda, Marleen, Rahila, Pamela and Vivien; the KGA Managing Committee of Ian, Aiona, Wilma, Cyrus, Brian, Elaine, Gilmour, Eslinda, Natasha, Bosco & Narita; the make-up artists of Valene, Charlene & Hannah ; Perry for his assistance and to everyone who had a hand however small, in making the Kunbi Kapod and the 9 yard silk saree Fashion Show at the Think Goa Live Goa an Event to remember for a long time to come.

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