5th August 2023

Monica Robinson

Of the KGAs prog right out of a dream...
Keeping in shape with Anuradha was great
And some pom poms that were absolutely first rate
The aromas & ingredients, memories of Goan & Portuguese cuisine did bring
The tasting made all our taste buds dance n sing
Mafalda’s Quisine recheado masala n prawn curry
With Natasha excellent commentator hurry
Gourmet followed soon after with coffee n snacks n tea
All looking forward to a cooking class, happy as can be
Petite, ever smiling Eslinda was the next treat in store
With the history n recipe of patoleo left us begging for more
The coconut jaggery mix was almost licked clean
And a generous supply of patoleos, fit for a queen
Not forgetting Natasha's crafty chefs n Ian's sporting ways
And so many others who spent time planning for day
Next a group snap in front of such a sweet little standee
Decorated by the lovely Goes girlies, a standee so dandy
The KGA committee Ian, Aiona, Natasha kept everything so lively making everyone a part
It was clearly fitness n gourmet straight from the heart
Thanks to one n all for gourmet n fit n fine, well begun
Those who didn't make it this time, better not miss the next one.