Festa do Carnaval
10th February 2024

Lizzane Aarya & Jennifer Singh

The word Carnaval brings back so many memories of being in Goa during this festival - the streets bustling with people and the resounding Samba music. We Goans miss Goa in our own way and the KGA does such a fantastic job to bring Goa to you. The Festa do Carnaval 2024 witnessed a magnificent resurgence, brimming with splendor, spirit, and spectacle. Bangalore's highly anticipated celebration, the Carnaval, united 1700 revelers to revel before the onset of Lent. Teaming up with the Catholic Club, the "Noon to Moon" affair on February 10th was a resounding success, smoothly orchestrated and well-attended. With the beloved band A26 gracing the event, excitement and liveliness were in abundance. The crowd delighted in dancing, humming, and foot-stomping to the infectious tunes of A26, infusing the party with endless fun and energy.

The skilled narration by the MC Jonathan, the elaborate costumes, and the enthusiasm radiating from both participants and onlookers made this year's Carnaval an extravaganza to cherish. The theme, "Touch of Gold," to celebrate and cherish the KGA's Golden Jubilee, added an extra layer of grandeur to the festivities. The parade, boasting over a hundred participants, fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among spectators.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to the Presidents of Catholic Club and the KGA for providing the venue and impeccable service. Special thanks to Brian D'Lima for his meticulous coordination of tickets and tables. A shout out to our creative team Aiona Goes, Elaine DSouza, Vivienne De Gama Rose, Debbie Rodricks, Pamela Pinto, and the KGA costumes team for their stunning creations, intricately designed to perfection.

Acknowledgment is also due to the dedicated choreographers Gilmour, Debbie, and Cyrus, whose tireless efforts ensured seamless coordination of the vibrant dances performed by groups - Cuties, Hotties, Boldies, and Young Adults. And let's not forget the captivating performance of the leading Lady, King Momo, and his enchanting maidens.

In summary, the Carnaval was another remarkable event for the KGA, with performances elevated to new heights in celebration of its Golden Jubilee. No stone left unturned, and every effort made to make the Carnaval a perfect and memorable extravaganza that makes the heart yearn for more.