7th October, 2018

The Goan Ladainha is certainly an event that allows the Karnataka Goan Association to fully live up to its name & purpose... Slowly & gradually the procession began right after the first hymn, not failing to bring back memories that we had experienced when we received Mother Mary in our Goan Households...on the Joseph's Ground with our candles ablaze accompanied by the melodious voices of our KGA Choir resonating in our hearts... Somehow even though a majority of us didn't know the exact words we were all inclined to participate in this majestic happening... Well after a walk in the cold evening with a slight pause every now and then to mark the end of a decade, who wouldn't want some lovely Goan snacks? Well I certainly did. Ressois, Bolinas, Choris Pav and what not. Well that surely was a wholesome prayer meet both for the soul and the stomach.

- Sergio T Rosario