Around the World with the Evergreens
15th September, 2019

Keith Rosario

Evergreens are the vibrant seniors of KGA who have been around “forever”! They are known for being young at heart and ever ready to join in any festivity involving, fun and games, good food and drink and, of course, music. This is exactly what “Around the World” turned out to be.

On Sunday 15th September the (appropriately named) Raintree at Catholic Club hosted 70 Evergreens of the KGA to celebrate another year of friendship and love. Such gatherings are very important to further the spirit of camaraderie that is such an integral part of the Goan psyche.

This year's theme was “Around the World” and the whole place was set up like an airport complete with hostesses, check in counters, baggage claim counter and, of course, drinks and good food. Tables had blue water vases with maps of various continents and pillars were posted with airport signs and international clocks. Kudos to the Managing Committee for the painstaking and imaginative work in decorating the hall and planning the details of the event. Luciana also very ably emceed the event, which was full of games, competitions and a lot of fun. She was assisted by the lovely and beautifully turned out hostesses, Idalina, Narita and Dianne.

Evergreen “passengers” were checked in and the proceedings commenced with an opening prayer by Fr. Adolph Washington, followed by cutting of the celebratory cake by the senior-most members Louisa Rodrigues, Sally Muddebihal and Philomena Pereira. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Babu for donating the delicious chocolate cake. Members were handed passports for a very entertaining quiz, “Around the World” which was won by Deepika Fernandez.

The Evergreens demonstrated that they were “Oldies but true Goldies” by such active participation in the fun and games. The Around the World fashion show was just one example. Couples and singles enthusiastically walked the ramp dressed in ethnic wear from around the world. Special mention must be made of Alfie Santamaria who came 'kilted up' as a Scotsman complete with tartan kilt, jacket, stockings, cap and accessories, which inevitable raised the question, “Kilt ke neeche kya hai?” Fortunately, no one insisted on finding out! He truly deserved the 1st prize for the singles.

The oldest member our own Louisa Rodrigues, looking really regal decked out as Queen Elizabeth took away a special prize. Oscar and Doreen, were awarded the couples prize as a Burmese couple. Marie Martin made the most “Indecent Proposal” for which she won the award.

An enthusiastic round of Anthakshari, won by the teams of Joan De Nazareth and Oscar Menezes, was followed by housie called out by Marcus in his irrepressible style. A delicious and very satisfying buffet lunch rounded off the proceedings. Luciana very generously sponsored the colorful “Around the World” takeaway table mats- thanks Lucy for all the trouble you took!

Adele Britto, Lucy and the KGA committee did themselves proud to make it a most enjoyable and memorable Evergreens event.